Club-Mate [ˈklʊpˌmaːtə]

The iconic drink of choice, enjoyed and preferred by many in Berlin and many European communities, is now available in Singapore! 

What is Club-Mate?

Club-Mate is a non-alcoholic soda beverage that has a tea based flavour. The raw material used for Club-Mate is derived from the Yerba mate tea plant native to South America. Mate is the most important beverage in southern and middle parts of South America. 

It has a stimulating effect attributed to an optimally calibrated caffeine content derived from the natural ingredients found in the Yerba mate tea leaves.

Expertly brewed to provide an exceptional and unique taste, this drink has become a popular choice amongst young and old alike.

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Why Club-Mate?

"The drink has an almost century-old history, hyper-loyal legions of fans and potentially massive reach as the demand for more health conscious "soft drink" options spread across the country."

"The big draw, though, is the caffeine. I’m about a quarter of the way through with the bottle in that there photo, and I’m already all jumpy. That means it’s working!"

"The golden soda has become essential nourishment for anyone in Berlin involved in hacktivism, club culture, dance music, tech—just about everyone in the city under the age of 40."

The Gloss
"Club Mate is so good, you guys. I don’t even want to call it soda, because most soda tastes like ass and this tastes like suckling on the teat of an angel. It’s made with extract of yerba mate, which is an excellent, smoky-tasting tea from South America with a relatively high caffeine content. It’s the original energy drink!"

The Grid Toronto
"Beloved by club kids, hackers, and anyone else pulling an all-nighter, this German non-alcoholic, energy-boosting brew is now infiltrating Toronto’s coolest bars."

"Club Mate is the soul of so many start-ups in Berlin, with companies, big and small, importing the golden goodness to support the efficiency and productivity of their employees."